The board and all of the tape decks are currently located in a house in downtown Taos. The house is an old adobe residence with a small tracking room for overdubs, there are a slew of instruments around, including guitars, pianos, rhode pianos, percussion instruments etc… and we can always get you access to more musical instruments if needed. This space is walking distance from the plaza and many┬árestaurants and shops in Taos.

We have a fully mobile 16-track rig that can be moved into any practical space for recording basics or full albums. We have access to Dave’s old studio space refereed to as ‘The Barn’ 45 minutes north of Taos in a beautiful valley and we are always open to hearing about your space, or trying to find a space that will suit the needs of your project.

Studio C Control Room

Jeremy Jones Recording in TaosPoTenCee Recording with The Art of Flying