The studio recently moved into a unique space tucked into the hills east of Taos, New Mexico. Let’s just say the views are above average at the new location. The studio occupies the second story of my special ‘work in progress’, which is a very large adobe house that has survived a few years of neglect. The studio space is one of the most unique you may experience. The house has 36-inch adobe walls, 14-foot ceilings, and was designed to reflect a very famous church in Taos. There are two balcony views and a large portrait window of the magical Taos mountain. What else would you want to look at while recording vocals? Studio foam? Screw that! I would challenge you to find a better view, that you don’t have to hike to.

This is my regular morning view:

This space fluidly allows us to switch between analog and digital recording smoothly, which opens up endless doors for those willing to dive into a deep and creative project. I also have an apartment attached to the house that can be rented out in conjunction with recording projects, but that would only be available for solo musicians or couples. I’m not dumb enough to host a full band, but I can help you find another place to stay!

Are you looking for mobile recording options?

We have a fully mobile 16-track rig that can be moved into any practical space for recording basics or full albums. We are always open to hearing about your space or trying to find a space that will suit the needs of your project if the current studio isn’t ‘special’ enough!