Warming up the Studio Sessions: Katie Williams

Recorded in: 2018 Band Website: www.musicbykatie.com

Katie Williams is a lovely musician from Oklahoma who was passing through Taos to play a show at the TMB taproom. I saw a bit of her show last time she came through Taos, and thought she would be fun to have in for a quick session. Katie was on the road with her guitar[…]

Warm Up the Studio Sessions: Escaping Pavement

Recorded in: 2018 Band Website: www.escapingpavement.com

I’m always going out to see live music in Taos, and our music scene gets better and better! By the way, if you want to find out what’s going on in Taos at any given time check out www.LiveTaos.com. I met Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz of Escaping Pavement at a local taproom, and after about[…]

Warm Up The Studio Sessions: Jack Lorang

Recorded in: 2018

As we work on getting comfortable in the space, we have invited some nice artists to come bear with us while we work out kinks in the new space. Jack Lorang & Brittany came in and tracked a quick number with Tom Pryor on bass and pedal steel, and Max on drums. We think it[…]

Sam Thacker

Recorded in: 2016

Sam Thacker is a musician & teacher from Brooklyn,NY and was traveling through New Mexico for a week. He joined us at Studio C for a day to record his original material. Sam came in with a very straight forward goal, and in the ten hours we accomplished more than we expected. Five songs is hard to accomplish in one[…]

Born Into War – Article 15

Band: Article 15 Recorded in: 2015

Article 15 is born from the thirsty earth of northern New Mexico. Through a melding of folk and anarcho-punk, their music is a battle cry against hate-mongering fascists and a tool to help build a new world based on peace, justice, and an egalitarian autonomy of the planet and its inhabitants “Born Into War” was[…]

Soldiers Heart – Poor Man’s Blood

Band: Poor Man's Blood Recorded in: 2015

Recorded at Max’s house in Taos. This song is on a compilation album of songs written by a recently deceased war veteran, Jacob George. All of the songs on the album are covered by fellow veterans. The compilation is called Soldier’s Heart, Warrior’s Soul : Remembering Jacob David George. You can learn more about the project here. “I’m[…]

Art of Flying: Escort Mission (single) (ThroatCulture)

Recorded in: 2016

Recorded at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM; Studio (C) Taos, NM; & GIZMO, Taos, NM by David Costanza, Max Moulton, & Anne Speroni. Mixed by Art of Flying at Studio (C) Taos, NM. Mastered by Max Moulton at GIZMO, Taos, NM Eclectic New Mexico duo Art of Flying is back with a new tune called “Escort[…]