Warm Up the Studio Sessions: Escaping Pavement

I’m always going out to see live music in Taos, and our music scene gets better and better! By the way, if you want to find out what’s going on in Taos at any given time check out www.LiveTaos.com. I met Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz of Escaping Pavement at a local taproom, and after about 5 minutes of watching them play, I knew I had to get them to come and do a studio warm-up session! We tracked two songs live to tape and mixed them down in a couple hours.

The Setup

We tracked everything live to tape.

  • Emily’s Voice – AKG C12m > API 312 > NEVE (2) 2254e
  • Emily’s Acoustic Martin Guitar – AKG C12a > API 312 > Compex Compressor
  • Aaron’s Mandolin – C61 > API 312 > Pheonix
  • Aaron’s Voice – Kiwi > NEVE > API 527