“SARASWATI” – 36 channel Quad Eight Console

QUAD EIGHT (original name: westar) (pre-mitsubishi); shipped in early eighties to Abbey Road Studios. Sent back to factory for “cosmetic reasons.” Served its time there as a ‘test’ console. Did some time on the East Coast then a stint at a recording school in Tijeras, NM. Located by console finder extraordinaire, Dan Alexander; brought to Questa, NM in pieces. A beautiful ‘chitty-chitty-bang-bang’ of SOUND. I spent 2 years wiring infrastructure, playing with power supplies, moping, e-mailing Eddie Ciletti & eventually cobbling enough signal path together to listen to “Ziggy Stardust” & the Staples Family. In GRATITUDE to the PROTECTOR of ART & SCIENCE I dubbed the desk: SARASWATI!!! 36 in-line channels (most of them functioning!) 31 differential mic-pres. A certain ‘exactness,’ with ghosts would describe it best. Art of FLYing is now in the mist of overdubs.


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