Why a New Mexico recording studio?

Taos, New Mexico is an incredible destination with a unique vibe, stunning scenery, history, culture, and offers access to some seriously awesome outdoor activities. I have traveled all over the world, and I am continually surprised how many people have been here or want to visit New Mexico. Taos is unique and living here is not for everyone, but everyone must come to New Mexico at least once. Not only will that help the rest of the country understand that we are in-fact part of the United States, but it is also a special place. The sheer size of the state is mind boggling, and with it’s size comes a wild diversity in sights. If you are a musician planning a trip to New Mexico or a band touring, why not come record your next project in a New Mexico recording studio?

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Why you should come to a New Mexico recording studio for your next project

We believe that place and comfort is one of the most important aspects while recording. If you are comfortable while recording, you are going to create a much more interesting product. Our location in Taos will allow you to feel very comfortable while offering you access to all of Northern New Mexico’s wonders. We work out of a beautiful old adobe in the heart of Taos, which is walking distance to Taos Plaza and many local restaurants or bars. Although parking at our studio is limited, we are close to many hotels and bed and breakfasts. We would be happy to offer some suggestions or help you find the right place to stay. Our Taos recording studio is perfect If you want to plan a trip around a recording session, or plan a recording session around a trip. As long as you contact us with plenty of time we can be flexible with our hours. This means that you can spend your mornings seeing the sites around Northern New Mexico and come in to record in the afternoon. Or even better, plan to come out for a week, travel around the area and come in to record for the last few days of your trip. You’ll be invigorated by the scenery and might tap into the creative mindset that Taos is so well known for.

We are both long time residents of Northern New Mexico and have many contacts. If you are interested in something specific while you are in the area, let us know and we will try to connect you with a local.

Some of our favorite local joints to eat or find libations within 5 minutes of our location

What else can I do when I’m not recording in New Mexico?

Book some shows. There are a bunch of bars and venues in the area. Why not book shows for a couple days before you record? Some places you can approach for booking live music acts in Taos:

  • The Taos Inn
  • The Burger Stand
  • Taos Mesa Brewing
  • The Alley Cantina
  • Black Mesa Tasting Room
  • The Kyote Club
  • The Sagebrush Inn
  • Ennui Gallery
  • Maybe a house show if you are lucky

Go outside. Taos is well known for it’s easy access to the outdoors. Taos Ski Valley is often seen in top ten lists for ski destinations in the country, but also offers access to many other winter sports: snow shoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, cross country skiing, sledding, and anything else you can do when it is winter. Keep in mind, though we are a dessert, we are a high dessert, this means that it gets very cold during the winter.

During the summer you have access to many other outdoor activities. You can easily hike, raft, tube, swim, fish, fly-fish, bike, hot air balloon, and anything else you can do when its warm!

Relax. Slow it down, and have a good time. There are plenty of hot springs in the area.

Screw that. You came to make noise at a New Mexico recording studio, lets make more music!

What are my other options for recording locations in New Mexico?

We have a very portable professional system that can go anywhere you want to go. Almost everything in our gear list can be portable (definitely not the Quad 8 Mixing board) and we can setup in any location with power. This is the heart of DSO Recording, and we can go anywhere with it, this includes recording live shows, or setting up for a weekend in a cabin in the woods, send us your idea, we’ll try to make something amazing happen! If you want to know what this might sound like, you can check out this project with Article 15, we moved in to their great adobe house in Taos for tracking and then came back to Studio C for mixing and overdubs.

So why a New Mexico recording studio? Because the scenery is killer, the options are endless, and the company is great!


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