Art of Flying: GALALA (Cochon Records)

2001: Recorded at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM by David Costanza & Anne Speroni.. Mixed by David Costanza at Studio (B) Questa, NM. Mastered by Otho Wilburn at Elixer Recording Athens, GA.

Art of Flying – “Galala” – [Cochon Records]This lovely 10″ vinyl EP “Galala” from 2001 by Art of Flying features New Mexico musicians David and Anne Costanza along with numerous co-conspirators. The A-side starts out with pretty, luminous sounds that get intersected with processed voices, looped sounds that could be snippets of a phone call, the hint of a distant dog until it finally ends with a simple guitar strum-based track with male vocals. The B-side revs to a start, moves into strange female vocals, evolves into a lovely drone and moves back to a more standard track with male vocals. Tracks are broken into segments that don’t necessarily correspond to the grooves on the record, so determining which piece/segment belongs to which track title is a bit of a mystery. The letter-pressed cover art is an added bonus.

Available at BANDCAMP

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