Art of Flying: An Eye Full of Lamp (Discobolus Rechords)

1998: recorded at the BARN Recorder Questa, NM
by David Costanza & Anne Speroni.
mastered at Coast Reccorder by Dan Alexander.
digital editing by Andy Solamone.
 This collective of about six or so folks from Questa NM, contains most of the members of Lords of Howling. An amazing octet that combined soulful songs, psychedelic drifting, expansive improvisation and a dose of Beefheart angularity. The bulk of the group return here with an astounding collection of songs, drawing off the above mentioned taps, in a engrossing world as arid and deso- late as the place from where they come. This band is fusing disparate elements into a convincing whole. Their exploratory sojourn are matched in sincerity by their heartfelt songwriting.
ASCAP) littleheartlittledove

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