Lords of Howling: Baltimore Pearl Crescent Meadow-Painted God Will Visit You (Discobolus Rechords)



1997: Recorded & Mixed by David Costanza at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM.

The Lords of Howling live mostly in Questa, New Mexico, where they play music 20 hours a day and write songs the other 4. At present there are probably 10 different cassettes* of their music available by mail from them. Some of this band are an offshoot of the legendary San Francisco band: the Whitefronts.
Anne Costanza– bass, vocals

David Costanza– guitar, horns, fiddle, vocals

Chris Culhane– guitar, vocals

Peter Halter– drums

Bill Brooks– mandolin

Jamie Smith– mandolin, clarinet, banjo

Dave Clark– keyboards

Geronimo Firebrain– fiddle


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