Art of Flying: Though the Light Seem Small (Discobolus Rechords)

2009: Recorded by Mike Stanioch at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM. Mixed by David Costanza & Anne Speroni at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.


“Journalists talk about Giant Sand & Calexico as if the desert informs & sculpts their recorded output, but I’d like to point anyone looking for some really lost-in-the-high-desert music towards these cats & their damaged tunes. Captivating & fun to listen to, these tracks jump around & cover a bit of sonic territory. Recorded by Mike Stanioch at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM (a cool adobe building, see tape-op issue #4). Co-produced by band stalwarts David Costanza & Anne Speroni. Mastered by the dashing Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service“.

Larry Crane. TAPE-OP.

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