Heironymous Firebrain: THERE (Magnetic Motorworks)

1992:  Recorded at the Barn Recorder in Questa, NM. Mixed by JES and ORD at Homework Audio in SF.

“THERE” is the band alive and compelling. Contains all the weirdness and psychedelia you expect from the live shows of a band named Hieronymus, with none of the nasty side effects like hangovers and smoke inhalation (at least not necessarily). Includes guest appearances by children.

  • Jonathan Segel: Guitar, Bass. Violin, Mandolin, Accordian, pooka
  • Fredericko Ordini: Guitar, Voice (same and otherwise), angel
  • Theodore Ellison: Bass, Spoon Bass, teapot
  • Russ Blackmar: Drums, Stove, extra-terrestrial
  • Chris Davis: Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax and other weird reedy things, navigator
  • Dave Costanza: Trumpet, hearald
  • Katl B. Traler: Trombone, riddle

Backing vox assistance on “It’s Fine” by Dave, Anne, and Cella Costanza, and Chris.
“YooDooRight” written by the CAN, (© Spoon Music), “It’s Fine” written by Cora/Frith (©RecRec Music).
all others written by Hieronymus Firebrain (© Bumps of Goose)
Recorded in Questa, New Mexico at the MudHive, Sept. 1992, engineered by Dave Costanza and JES whenever Cella needed attention. Mixed by JES and ORD at Homework Audio in SF.
Mastered at Rocket Labs by Ken Lee.
Amazing cover art by Richard Gann.
Design (and Magnetic Logo design) by Julia Hamblin Design hamblin@aol.com