Why a New Mexico recording studio?

Taos, New Mexico is an incredible destination with a unique vibe, stunning scenery, history, culture, and offers access to some seriously awesome outdoor activities. I have traveled all over the world, and I am continually surprised how many people have been here or want to visit New Mexico. Taos is unique and living here is not for[…]

Born Into War – Article 15

Article 15 is born from the thirsty earth of northern New Mexico. Through a melding of folk and anarcho-punk, their music is a battle cry against hate-mongering fascists and a tool to help build a new world based on peace, justice, and an egalitarian autonomy of the planet and its inhabitants “Born Into War” was[…]

Soldiers Heart – Poor Man’s Blood

Recorded at Max’s house in Taos. This song is on a compilation album of songs written by a recently deceased war veteran, Jacob George. All of the songs on the album are covered by fellow veterans. The compilation is called Soldier’s Heart, Warrior’s Soul : Remembering Jacob David George. You can learn more about the project here. “I’m[…]